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MSM Eyes, Ears,and Nose Drops (2.6 fl.oz.)
    Close MSM Eyes, Ears,and Nose Drops (2.6 fl.oz.)

    MSM Eyes, Ears,and Nose Drops (2.6 fl.oz.)

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    MSM Eyes, Ears, Nose Drops (2.6 fl.oz.)

    When used as eye drops MSM has known to reduce eye inflammation alleviate red and tired eyes and lubricate dry eyes. Other reported uses have been for ringing of the ears and nasal sinus problems.

    MSM is a form of organic sulphur.

    This mineral is needed by all living organisms and is present in many forms including fruits, vegetables, milk, and grains. Since dietary sulphur is destroyed by cooking many individuals may not receive sufficient dietary sulphur. This mineral plays an important role in numerous biochemical processes and structures.

    The purity of the product allows us to now sell products that are Self-Preserving and Preservative-Free! MSM Products that now contain 10% or more American made quality MSM may need no additional preservatives.

    This is very important, as research has shown that a product without preservatives, enhance corneal healing and do a much better job with Dry Eye problems than do products with preservatives.

    Pharmaceutical products that "get the red out" are vasoconstrictors that slow down the ability or blood to circulate through the eye, thus causing more problems. The eyes need blood circulation.

    This can worsen dry eye symptoms. Almost every eye drop on the market uses a pharmaceutical called "benzalkonium chloride" which causes the problem of dry eye to get worse not better.

    MSM DROPS: MSM Eye Ear and Nose Drops provide the cellular nutrition necessary to make the cornea and outer tissues in the eye soft and permeable. MSM Drops soften the membrane, allowing fluids to pass through the optical tissues. When optical membranes become permeable nutrition is able to penetrate through the optical tissues and provide the nutrients needed for the body to heal itself. MSM softens tough-leathery tissue, equalizes pressures, repairs damaged membranes clears up red spots and broken vessels helps remove floaters and other eye particles.

    Some contact lens users have reported that the drops are better than saline solution because MSM Drops provide soothing, lasting relief with no burning or stinging. This may be the worlds best kept secret.

    Prod 353V MSM Eye, Nose, and Ear drops2.4oz Price $12.00 ea