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Cataract Eye Drops, for Men and Women 15 ml
    Close Cataract Eye Drops, for Men and Women 15 ml

    Cataract Eye Drops, for Men and Women 15 ml

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    Product Description

    Cataract Eye Drops for Men and Women Lens

    Cataract Eye Drops the traditional homeopathic remedy which has been utilized for decades in treating cataracts. The government of India has stated that "Cineraria is the drug of choice to halt or reverse cataract." Homeopathy ignites the healing process, Nutraceuticals provide the fuel.

    Differential advantages:
    Homeopathic eye drops have the advantage of healing the underlying cause, rather than suppressing symptoms or artificially replacing fluids. The drops feel wonderful and seem to increase vitality by positively stimulating tired eyes due to aging.

    Natural philosophy on Cataract:
    Cataract is a chronic condition expressed as the bodies inability in maintaining a clear crystalline lens. Considering there are no blood vessels to the lens, and that the lens is comprised of living cells which need oxygen, nutrition, detoxification and anti oxidation. It is a miracle that even the healthiest eye can manage this task. It used to be that doctors would advise patients to wait until the cataract worsens, then replace it with an artificial lens. It is now recommended to implement natural treatments that support the bodies innate ability to maintain or even clear the crystalline lens. Surgery might be delayed or eliminated.

    Nutraceutical adjunct therapy:
    Enhanced results can be obtained by adding the therapeutic dose nutraceuticals contained in the Natural Ophthalmics "Crystalline Lens Formula." This product is designed as a treatment above and beyond proper nutrition, exercise and multivitamin supplementation and is recommended for patients missing regular consumption of the elements necessary for ocular tissue function.

    Active Ingredients:

    Cineraria Maritima 5x:
    Cineraria acts as a safe lymphagogue, increasing circulation in the intraocular tissues, also stimulating collateral circulation and normal metabolism.

    Clinical observation indicates the definite value of local applications of Cineraria in checking, or even aborting existing cataracts.

    The benefits attained are obviously more satisfactory when treatment is instituted in the early stage of cataract. In cases of advanced opacity, and where pathological changes caused by the deterioration of metabolic functions have occurred, as in senility, less favorable results can be expected. The use of Cineraria is justified in certain cases well past the incipient stage when an operation is not contemplated or indicated. It gives comfort to the patient to know that something potentially beneficial is being done. In certain cases Cineraria only gives temporary reliefer serves to postpone the surgical removal."

    Euphrasia 5x (Eyebright):
    is indicated for conjunctival and comeal edema. Symptoms include photophobia, redness, dryness, lachrymation and burning of the lid margin Euphrasia also helps treat the irritability associated with eye problems. Often referred to as a "tonic for the eyes."

    Inactive Ingredients:

    Premium sterile water (as a base). Sodium (salt for isotonicity to tears). Citrates (pH buffer) Polysorbate 80 (0.4% as a light lubricant).

    Questions and Answers:

    Q- "How often can I use these drops?" A- Use the drops once in the morning and once at night for several months then return to your doctors office to evaluate the therapy's progress.

    Q- "After using your drops my eyes seem less dry or tired - why?" A-That is the beauty of homeopathy. The goal is to heal the condition by getting the body to perform as is should by gently stimulating that process. Besides Cineraria, we include "Euphrasia," commonly known as "Eyebright," which has a long history as a "tonic for the eyes" helping to vitalize your eyes. This is why we put Eyebright in all of our eye drops.

    Q " How are these drops different than other eye drops?" A-There are no other known eye drops for Cataract than drops. Some manufacturers used an herbal form which stung upon application. Unlike our pH balanced, isotonic homeopathic formula which feels wonderful to use.

    Q-" Will I have to get cataract surgery someday?" A- Not necessarily but that depends on your lifestyle. If these drops help, that means your body is capable of responding and doing the job.