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Nano Bio Cleanse, Powder, 9oz.
    Close Nano Bio Cleanse, Powder, 9oz.

    Nano Bio Cleanse, Powder, 9oz.

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    Product Description

    Nano Bio-Cleanse

    Regain your health

    Bio-Cleanse is a safe alternative for eliminating Candida, parasites, worms, yeast, fungi, and amoebas from the body without harmful side effects. Bio-Cleanse is also extremely helpful in eliminating nicotine, xenobiotics (toxins within the body), and environmental toxins from the body. Living in an ever-stressful environment, where diseases are omnipresent, it is now, more than ever, important to take responsibility for your own health. It's up to you

    . What is Bio-Cleanse Made from?

    There are over 10,000 varieties of diatomaceous earth. Bio-Cleanse is made from a particular food-grade variety that is the perfect size to work. This diatomaceous earth is uniquely treated and processed to help all life forms attain healthy support for their immune systems. It is then nanonized and combined with a small amount of sugar cane and kosher distilled vinegar to serve as bait for the hidden parasites. Timing, temperature, and humidity all play an essential part in this successful blend.

    Bio-Cleanse Action

    Bio-Cleanse is a new product that will support and boost the immune system in a natural way and return health with harmony. This product is essential for one’s optimum health. The elimination of Candida, parasites, worms, yeast, fungi, and amoebas from the body is the fundamental base of any cure that will return health to the body. Once Bio-Cleanse is absorbed by the body, the sugar and the vinegar begin attracting the parasites, fungi, Candida, worms, and amoebas from their hiding places. Then, the Nano silica act as cutting knives on the intruders. Fortunately, this action only affects the pathogens and leaves the healthy body intact because of the perfect sizing of the diatomaceous earth. The toxins produced by the cleansing are processed by the intestines, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin, and the liver and are subsequently excreted from the body. Bio-Cleanse also helps the body eliminate nicotine and many other toxins that can seriously damage one’s health. Perhaps able to absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight in toxins, Bio-Cleanse is an excellent product for cleaning the blood at a cellular level.

    Directions: Start with 1/2 teaspoon daily increase to one teaspoon in one week

    Price $52.00 ea

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