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Dermal Aid, 2 oz. squeeze bottle
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    Dermal Aid, 2 oz. squeeze bottle

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    Product Description


    A Homeopathic Trauma Gel That Is Much More.

    DermalAid? is a homeopathic trauma gel that is actually much more. It is a natural, non-greasy aloe gel that soothes and moisturizes the skin, without being oily. It contains stabilized oxygen, releasing O2, to cleanse and invigorate the skin. It does not contain paraffin and can be used to soothe sensitive tissues (lips, nose, vagina, rectum) without irritating or breaking down those tissues. It contains transdermal vitamin K, excellent for reducing spider and vericose veins.

    The homeopathic ingredients of DermalAid? and their indications are: Arnica montana for bruises, contusions, and achy muscles. Apis mellifica to reduce edema and swelling. Calendula to promote healing of wounds, burns, and abrasions. Hypericum perforatum to promote healing of injured nerves and reduce pain and spasm. Rhus toxicondendron to inhibit pain and stiffness in joints and muscles.

    SymbiOx? is stabilized oxygen that releases O2, providing anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, and fungicidal activity. It is a unique formulation that stabilizes oxygen in solution using the electrolyte sodium chlorite (NaClO2, please note that NaCl is table salt). This form of stabilized oxygen has been used extensively, both internally and externally, for many years and is known to be remarkably "bio-friendly."

    Other DermalAid? ingredients include: Vitamin K, a lipid-based vitamin that promotes healing of bruises, vericose veins and hemorrhoids; Aloe vera, an herbal aid in healing burns and wounds; Glycerin a natural moisturizer; Borax a mild cleanser that also helps balance the pH of DermalAid?; Phenonip is a natural, non-allergenic preservative; NaPCA (Sodium PCA) is a moisturizer that occurs naturally in the skin.

    Here are 33 ways you could use DermalAid? (Please let us know if you find more):

    1. Put it on your skin instead of moisturizing cream.

    2. Put it on a contusion to prevent bruising.

    3. Put it on chapped or cracked lips.

    4. Put it on your child's scraped knee.

    5. Put it on a bee sting to reduce the pain.

    6. Put it on hemorrhoids to relieve discomfort.

    7. Put it on blisters to soften and heal them.

    8. Put it on thickened calluses to soften them.

    9. Put it on dry, cracked calluses, heels, or elbows.

    10. Put it on your face or legs after shaving.

    11. Put it on baby's bottom to soothe and heal diaper rash.

    12. Put it on an abrasion as it heals to reduce scarring.

    13. Put it on spider veins to diminish them.

    14. Put it in your nose to prevent nosebleeds.

    15. Put it on your hands after washing the dishes.

    16. Put it on herpes lesions for relief of discomfort.

    17. Put it on your face after removing your make-up.

    18. Put it on acne after cleansing or medication.

    19. Put it on Poison Oak to soothe itching.

    20. Put it on minor burns for pain relief and healing.

    21. Put it under your child's runny nose during colds.

    22. Put it on your face to prevent windburn.

    23. Put it on mosquito and insect bites to relieve itching.

    24. Put it on your child's chicken pox to relieve itching.

    25. Put it on your hands before and after gardening.

    26. Put it on your sunburn for healing and pain relief.

    27. Put it on a canker sore for pain relief and healing.

    28. Massage it into a dry, itchy scalp.

    29. Put it on your face after a facial treatment.

    30. Put it on sore, aching muscles.

    31. Put it on your child with a heat rash.

    32. Put it on your fingernails as a cuticle cream.

    33. Put it on your dogs mange.