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Royal Coat ExpressOmega Itch Ender
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    Product Description

    All-natural source of Essential Fatty Acids

    Provides your dog with an excellent, all-natural source of EFAs (essential fatty acids) they need to maintain healthy skin and shiny coats.

    Royal Coat EFA Express provides your dog with necessary supplemental amounts of Omega-6 (borage oil) and Omega-3 (fish oil) most times missing, or in insignificant amounts in commercial pet food.

    Dog skin irritations and disorders are the most common pet ailments. A healthy dog has bright, odorless hair and skin, free of debris, grease and irritation. A dog's skin may be irritated if it has a rash, is dry and/or flaking, greasy, red, or itchy.

    The causes can be numerous from food allergies to fleas and ticks and other irritants. If your dog vomits after a meal, this is an indication that he may have a food allergy. Dog owners should pay close attention to the dog's environment such as its bed or sleeping space which should be cleaned or changed frequently.

    Royal Coat's formula contains fish oil (Omega 3) and borage oil (Omega 6), the combination clinically proven effective in the treatment of canine skin disorders.

    Clinical veterinary research has shown that EPA, DHA, and DHA available from fish oil and borage oil provide rapid relief for excessive shedding, dry skin, constant licking and scratching, eczema and dermatitis. These fatty acids are bio-available immediately for a fast improvement in you dog's coat and skin.

    Signs of Skin Problems

    excessive shedding

    dry skin

    hot spots

    excessive paw licking

    greasy and dull coats


    sores in ears

    slow wound healing