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Amazing Water, 1 qt
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    Amazing Water, 1 qt

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    Product Description

    Our #1 Best Seller

    Amazing Water

    A Breakthrough Product Created with 3-D Technology

    Improved Silver! Lower Prices!

    The liquid with “The Signature of Silver,”

    Amazing Water is a broad-spectrum antipathogen product far superior to any colloidal or NanoSilver available in the marketplace. This is due to 3-D technology and the signature of silver in the water. Amazing Water can penetrate every cell in the body. The signature of 150 health conditions have been programed into Amazing Water.

    It has taken 15 years to achieve applying the signature of silver to our Amazing Water with 3-D technology. It went from 100 ppm down to 10 ppm and then down to 1.7 ppm in the usual silver sold on the markets for many years. Now silver is not necessary to be present at all after the water has been imprinted with silver. This is a revolutionary achievement

    Why the Change?

    It can now be made much stronger that way without having to deal with the controversies over silver. The opponents of silver like to point out that some colloidal silver can turn your skin blue. That can never happen with Amazing Water. In addition, silver is becoming a rare item. The more rare it becomes, the price for silver increases

    We are able to offer Amazing Water at one third the price of colloidal or Nano Silver. The new Amazing Water does what theoriginal did, only better, and with the “signature” of silver instead of the actual silver ppm. It perhaps works like a homeopathic and is seven times more effective than the original silvers.

    You can add 2 oz to a glass of water and imprint the whole glass with its signature, as it is capable of multiplying. The more severe the health problem, the more you can drink, with incredible results.

    Suggested Dosages

    For an unhealthy person: First day. We recommend 1 oz straight without adding water. The second day we recommend 2 oz straight without adding water. After the third day, you can drink as much as you want. You can drink it straight or you can mix 2 oz to a glass of water. Healthy persons can drink any amount desired as a preventative. Animals are seven times more sensitive than humans, so be careful with sick animals. Do not kill off more microbes than a sick animal can handle. Go slow with 1/2 the recommended dosages.

    Three Main Forms of Silver

    • Colloidal Silver — Silver that is electronically processed into a fine state of subdivision that is suspended in liquid and due to the electronic charge, holds its individual character and settles very slowly. Only 6% or 7% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.

    • Ionic Silver — Electronically processed silver that is broken down into a free electron (or sub-atomic particle) that exists in solution. Only 6% or 7% of the body’s membranes are penetrated.

    • Amazing Water is a form of ionic silver that has been electronically pushed into a state where it develops a self-perpetuating pulse rate that is eternal in nature and pulses too rapidly for individual recording. One definition given by a noted physicist, Robert C. Beck, is that this silver product, when processed by this method, loses its identity as a traceable element, i.e., is not identified as a “particle” and acts more like a gas.

    Other research professionals have tested Amazing and acts more like a gas. Other research professionals have tested Amazing Water and found the exact same thing. It is etheric in nature but carries the signature of the element silver.

    The largest particle size of silver to be found is .062 nanos, which is over 60 times smaller than angstrom in size.Only 1.7 to 5 ppm can be found in the product, and yet it has the power of 2,000 ppm,and 100% of the body’s membranes are penetrated. Amazing Water has been extensively tested on literally tens of thousands of people with impressive success.